Atta Chakki



                                      Atta Chakki Manufacturers in India


    Chapatti is a favorite dish in the India northern part without chapatti the food is incomplete. In these days we must care for our health. We need to eat healthy food and chapatti is most important part of our daily food life.

    Arise electronics is manufacturer company located in Delhi Introduce you to one new kitchen equipment additional in arise family that known as ATTA CHAKKI. It is manufactured for both domestic and commercial purpose. To clench your wheat flour, maize flour, rice flour, semolina flour, refined wheat flour etc. at your home.

    The machine is easy to use and take very less effort to clean. It is a provide you a homemade Atta for you with not taking a too much time.

    Motor power

    2 HP

    Operation Mode




    1 year


    Lower energy consumption

    High efficiency

    Low noise

    Easy to operate

    Dose not cause dust run smoothly




    Product capacity

    9 to 10 kg per hour

    Power supply

    230V, 50Hz, 15MPS

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