Washer Dryer

Washer dryer is a combination of washing machine and clothes dryer. We provide our solution in domestic and commercial both purposes. Best wash quality along with Water and energy saving easy to use top load machine. It took less space in your house and a stainless machine.

In winters with washer dryer there are no worries to dry your cloths. While using low power heating blower fan to dry your cloth using high speed warm air it take less energy to dry clothes. It has fully functioned and separate part of washer and dryer fully automatic machine with new look and design.

It is using 40% less electricity compare to standard washing machine. The washing capacity is greater than drying capacity. Washer dryer is useful and necessary for our daily base life and the best part is it cannot contain our more time.

Product specification

Function typeFully automatic
Capacity12 kg
Voltage220 V
Weight200 kg
Motor power1hp
Dryer volume19b liters

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